Affordable, high quality child care for Concord-area familes.

A Warm Welcome!

Thank you for visiting Greater Concord Child Care Services!  We welcome infants from 6 weeks of age through kindergarten (depends on the site). 


Each of our centers offers a safe, welcoming environment, developmentally appropriate enrichment activities and professional staff with up-to-date background checks, training and certifications.


We're open from 6:30 AM to 5:30 PM daily, year round, including snow days and vacation weeks (with the exception of some holidays).

As a division of the Boys & Girls Club, we're embedded in a community-based network of care that extends all the way through high school! 

What happens to children matters not only to them as individuals and their immediate family, but to the neighborhoods they live in, the schools they attend, and the communities they will eventually work, live and lead in.

We're excited that your child's journey is starting with us!


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